Product Support Services

Warranty Coverage

  1. First Year Standard Warranty- The Energy Technologies’ Standard Warranty covers labor and material (excluding batteries) for the first year after shipment; however, this warranty excludes travel and living expenses. Refer to the Warranty section of this manual.
  2. Extended Warranty (Optional)- For those customers who desire to purchase service over and above the Standard Warranty, ETI will provide a quote for a service plan to meet your requirements. Typical plans include the following:
  3. Extended Warranty OptionThis plan provides for replacement parts as an extension to the Standard Warranty one-year period.
  4. Limited Full Service Plan OptionThe Limited Full Service Plan extends the Standard Warranty beyond the initial one-year period, and includes travel and living expenses for the warranty period. This plan can be offered with or without preventive maintenance.


Return Material Authorization

If the product requires service for any reason, the customer should contact the Customer Service Department. If the product must be returned to ETI for repair or replacement, the customer must obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. The product must be packed in the original shipping container or other equally suitable container. The product must be shipped prepaid with the RMA number on the packing slip. Unauthorized returns of units will be subject to an inspection and handling charge plus any repair and all transportation charges.


If you have to return the unit for repair, it is imperative that it be packaged properly! Due to the weight of the unit and the potential for mishandling, the unit carton must be strapped to a skid before shipping. This forces the freight company to use a tow motor to move the unit. When a skid is not used, there are stages in handling where the carton will be manhandled and inevitably gets dropped on its ends. Foam packs and other packing fillers alone are not adequate to avoid mechanical damage.  Energy Technologies, Inc. will not be liable and a breach of warranty will occur if:
1) a skid is not used
2) proper handling is not maintained.


Standard Warranty Policy

Energy Technologies, Incorporated (ETI) warrants against faulty materials or workmanship for equipment sold new and delivered pursuant to the terms of any agreement between ETI and customer for one (1) year from the original date of shipment of the equipment. The warranty is limited to repair or replacement during the warranty period at the sole discretion of ETI. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify and return the defective product to ETI, with all costs for shipment of the product to and from ETI paid by the customer. The defective product must be returned intact and shall appear to ETI upon inspection that the failure of the product was caused by defective material or workmanship. Such repair or replacement shall be made free of charge if the defect is determined to be caused from faulty material and/or workmanship, the unit is within the warranty period, and ETI was notified within the warranty period.

This warranty, however,
(a) extends only to, and is intended for the benefit only of, customer (original purchaser), and does not obligate, and shall not be construed to obligate, ETI to any person or organization other than customer.
(b) is effective only when customer returns such defective part or parts to ETI’s factory, transportation prepaid, immediately upon customer’s discovery of the defect in question.
(c) is not effective when the part or product in question is, or has been, operated beyond rated capacity, used or applied improperly, or used with parts which are not made or recommended by ETI.
(d) does not render ETI liable for any claims or claims for damages which may result, directly or indirectly, from any defect in any part or parts manufactured by ETI; except to replace the part or parts in question.

In lieu of returning defective part or parts to ETI’s factory as specified in subparagraph (b) of the foregoing standard warranty, the customer may request ETI to make necessary repairs on site. If ETI agrees that such on-site repairs are practical, ETI shall supply parts and labor for this purpose free of charge; however, the customer shall pay ETI’s traveling expenses to and from said site and living expenses of such personnel while traveling and while on site. If the required repairs are found to be caused by the mishandling, misuse or misapplication of equipment furnished by ETI and/or the required repairs are covered by the ETI Operations and Maintenance Manual, then ETI shall supply labor at the per diem rate normally charged for field service. Parts to be in accordance with ETI’s spare parts prices.

The warranty shall be void if:
(a) the equipment is damaged by the customer, is improperly used, is subjected to an adverse operating environment, or is operated outside the limits of its electrical specifications.
(b) the equipment is repaired or modified by anyone other than ETI or ETI approved personnel.
(c) has been used in a manner contrary to the products operating manual or other written instructions.

ETI reserves the right to make changes, additions, and/or improvements in its products without incurring any obligation to install them on its products previously manufactured and/or sold. No provision of this warranty shall cover the installed batteries. However, the battery manufacturer’s warranties shall be passed through to the customer whenever applicable. ETI will not be liable for any associated costs incurred by the user or installing contractor as a direct or indirect result of failure or in the replacement of defective in-warranty material. The customer MUST obtain a Return Material Authorization from ETI’s Customer Service Department before returning a product for warranty service. The return authorization number MUST be placed on the outside of the shipping box and the equipment must be packaged securely to avoid damage during shipping. Unauthorized returns for in-warranty repairs may be rejected or subject to an inspection and handling charge of $75 plus any repair and all transportation charges.

The warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, and without limitation, any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and/or any other obligation or liability on the part of Energy Technologies Inc. The sole exclusive remedy for breach of any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning ETI’s products and the only obligation of ETI hereunder, shall be the repair or replacement of defective equipment, components, or parts, or, at ETI’s option, the refund of the purchase price or substitution with a new replacement product. ETI shall in no way be responsible for any consequential damages, of any kind, or nature whatsoever, resulting from the breach of any warranty.